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As a business consultant and mentor I support StartUps, founders and freelancers, moslty arround Austria but also all over europe and MENA-region with their visions, business development and strategies. Additionally I work as a user experience and user interface design consultant for companies. I am also mentor at the Salzburg StartUp Weekend by CoWorking Salzburg and StartUp Salzburg.

After graduating as a graphic designer I studied 3D animation and worked ever since as a freelancer and consultant for a variety from small companies to large enterprises.

In 2007 I packed my stuff, startet to realize my vision and moved to egypt with round about 90 kilos of equimpent. I measured reefs and built an interactive dive planning software called reef interactive, first by bootstrapping, later on with a 20-strong team and the whole roallercoaster of a hightech startup.

Beside diving and measuring my main work was concepting the software and app for PC, Mac, iOS and Android as well as featuredesign, user experience and interface design, projectmanagement and how ever, everything a raising hightech-company needs from it's founder, while generating government funding and working with angel investors. During this 8 years I got a really whole bunch of experience.

User experience and interface design expertise I gained while working for the big players. As senior UI designer and UX/UI constultant I worked for the gamedevelopers Bigpoint in Hamburg, Deep Silver in Munich and a lot more. Have a look on the portfolio.